How To Know When it’s Time To Change Your Property Agent

How To Know When it’s Time To Change Your Property Agent

In this episode I talk about the signs that you’re having trouble with your current property manager. 

I receive multiple phone calls each week from property owners who are looking to switch property managers and I always have one question for them.

Why are you looking for a new property manager. I receive a variety of answers but mostly fall into 3 categories.


This is by far the number one reason people leave their property manager. If you are having trouble with your property manager getting back to you either on the phone or via email – you have a problem.

You need to make sure you can get a hold of a property manager and if they are not communicating with you about your property you quickly begin to lose trust.


Another very common problem is maintenance requests not being followed through. There is nothing worse than your tenant having to wait for maintenance requests to be fulfilled.

And if a busy property manager is just not getting to the requests, it’s time to look at a property manager who will be able to handle multiple requests.


This is by far the worst sign that it’s time to switch property managers. You need a property manager who is on top of payments, making sure that your tenants are up to date on rent and water payments.

Sometimes, bigger agencies simply have too may properties to manage and not enough time.

But the time someone is calling around other agents, the trust is almost always gone.

The difference when you deal with me is that you only have one person you’ll speak to and I guarantee I get back to everyone within 24 hours. You never have to worry about property managers changing, because I’m your full time property manager.

So, if you’re having any of these troubles with your current agent, feel free to give me a call on 0435 769 922 or email me at

You know you will always be able to speak to me personally.